Treatment for High Cholesterol

Treatment for High Cholesterol

Cholesterol swings both ways, too much of it and a stroke or heart condition is on the way, too little of it and more problems arise. If you want out of harms way in regards to cholesterol, you better make sure your overall levels are less than 200 mg/dL with LDL cholesterol level less than 100 mg/dL. If you happen to experience, breathlessness, excessive sweating, general fatigue, pain and heaviness in the chest area or uneasiness you might be having high blood cholesterol. Visit your doctor before you find yourself in the ER.

What could have caused or will cause high cholesterol in your blood include excessive smoking and alcohol consumption, high fat diets, obesity and heredity factors. The web crawls with expensive and at times ineffective ways of controlling high blood cholesterol but on the rebound there are natural safe and effective natural remedies for high cholesterol.

– Foremost, change your lifestyle, start eating healthy, stop smoking or abusing alcohol and engage in regular exercise. Regular visits to the doctor go without saying.
– Soluble Fibres: Consuming about 10g or soluble fiber daily will reduce LDL cholesterol by 5%. Accompany this with lots of water to keep constipation at bay. Sources for soluble fiber include Psyllium husk, legumes, whole grains, fresh veggies and fruits.
– Artichoke Leaf Extract: Artichoke limits synthesis of cholesterol while speeding and multiplying production of bile by your liver and gallbladder. This accelerates cholesterol elimination from your body. If you are up for it, accompany this with a glass of onion juice or raw onion slices.
– Start preparing foods using sunflower and nut oil as opposed to butter and hydrogenated oils. Also mix a table spoon of virgin olive oil with vegetable salads, veggies and olive oil aids the body do away with toxins. Ginger can also be used to curb high cholesterol.
– Add foods rich in lecithin e.g. soybeans, egg yolks and whole grain cereals. Start taking 10 tablespoons of fresh apple juice mixed with 5 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) once daily. Preferably in the morning or as you retire to bed.
– If you have cardiac pain, garlic milk will ease the pain as you arrange to visit the specialist. To prepare this, pour a glass of milk in a pan, add garlic (1-2 cloves) and bring it to boil. Drink after it’s cooled. This will only ease the pain but make sure you visit the doctor.


How To Get Rid Of Acne

How To Get Rid Of Acne

Acne is a very common yet disfiguring and upsetting skin disorder. It mainly affects teenagers though older individuals can also experience its wrath. It results due to bad feeding habits including irregular feeding times and poor diets such as high consumption of starch, fatty foods and sugar. Acne may also be caused by a high presence of toxins in the body. Usually, when bowels are functioning improperly the skin takes over and eliminates the extra waste. These undue efforts results to the development of a myriad of skin diseases acne being one of them. Luckily, it can easily be treated using natural remedies for acne.

There are various inexpensive natural remedies for acne that can easily be prepared. For instance, skin itchiness and acne development can be curbed by application of a concoction made by boiling 50gm of blackberry, strawberry and raspberry leaves with 1.5litres of water. Individuals should let it stay on the affected areas for about three minutes before washing it out.

To obtain a smooth look individuals are advised to apply a thick paste of yoghurt and oatmeal. Leave it to dry on the face before washing it with lukewarm water. Pat the face dry and apply an antibacterial lotion that is compatible to the skin type.

Skin that has been damaged as the acne heals can be repaired by use of products containing Aloe Vera products or orange peelings. It has also been proved that using a mixture of milk that is not boiled and gram flour on a daily basis to wash the face enhances the healing process. Among the popular natural remedies for acne is the application of cinnamon powder and honey paste on the face while sleeping. The face is washed in the morning using an antibacterial soap. Conversely, a wet mixture of one tablespoon of brown sugar plus two tablespoons of white sugar is rubbed on the face every morning.

For some individuals the skin cracks as acne heals. You can solve this by applying boiled milk mixed with fresh lime juice on the affected region; so is application of egg yolk. On the other hand a paste of ripe tomatoes may be applied to remove blackheads caused by pimples. Wheat grass juice is also among the simplest natural remedies for acne. For effective result, consume wheat grass juice daily. However, without drinking enough amount of water required daily, the effectiveness of these remedies will be reduced. Individuals are thus advised to drink at least 8 glasses daily.


Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Did you know that almond milk is extracted from almonds? Of course you know! This extract is beneficial for those with lactose allergies. Almond milk can be consumed through drinking and also used in food preparations. In the early ages, almond milk was used in Medieval Europe and the Middle East. Almond nutrition facts include treating constipation and lowering blood sugar. These and other benefits of almond can be obtained by drinking almond milk.

Almond milk is lactose free. This is the sugar that is found in cow’s milk. Most people are allergic to lactose. Consumption of cow’s milk may cause diarrhoea, bloating and abdominal discomfort. Almond milk is extracted from almond nuts and can be substituted everywhere cow’s milk is used, whether as a beverage or for food preparation.

It can be made from home and its purity retained. Homemade almond milk is made without much effort and is stored without adding preservatives and additives. This simply means that it is 100% pure.  Because of this fact, production of almond milk is on the rise in most homes in comparison to cow’s milk. Cow’s milk becomes allergic and toxic because cows are injected with growth hormones and antibiotics which can also cause certain types of cancer.

Almond milk is also packed with nutrients. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, protein, magnesium, manganese, zinc, selenium, iron, fiber, calcium, and phosphorous. Almond milk is full of flavonoids that lower LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol. Powerful antioxidants in the body are ensured by high Vitamin E contained in almond milk. Antioxidants are known to inhibit the growth free radicals that cause cancer.

Unlike milk from animals, almond milk contains a wide range of vital nutrients and need not to be fortified with vitamins or minerals. It has no saturated fats, cholesterol, and its levels of calories are low making it very healthy, especially to those trying to lose weight and will keep them fit.

Most people prefer it to rice and soy milk because of its great taste, meaning that, you will drink more and enjoy the health benefits of almond milk.

Although loaded in nutrients, almond milk is unsuitable for babies. In layman terms, almond milk should not be substituted for breast milk. Almond milk doesn’t have the adequate nourishment required for a baby. If a baby is allergic to lactose, consult a doctor to suggest what will be the best substitute.

Take caution that almond nuts also contain a substance called goitrogens that suppresses thyroid gland functionality by interfering with iodine up-take. Bitter almond nuts have been cautioned against. This is because when blended with water, they release poisonous chemical called cyanide.

If you do not want to have bland almond nuts, you can add them in some vanilla or chocolate drink to make it yummier.


Health Benefits of Garlic

Health Benefits of Garlic

Because of the numerous health benefits of garlic and medicinal uses, it is commonly referred to as a wonder drug. Over the centuries it has been used extensively to cure a plethora of diseases. Garlic contains antioxidants that protect our bodies from being harmed by the presence of free radicals. It also has diallyl sulfides and allicin elements which further enhance its healing properties. Moreover, garlic contains calcium, zinc, phosphoric acid, sulphur, potassium and Vitamin B and C which aid in its medicinal abilities. Scientific research reveals that the elements of garlic are more active and beneficial when it is eaten raw.

Daily consumption of one and a half or two cloves of raw garlic can help individuals treat and curb acne development. Raw garlic also acts as a mosquito repellant thus effectively protecting individuals from malaria, yellow fever and filarial infections among others.

On the other hand garlic has very powerful antibiotic properties which help it destroy germs. This enables it to cure respiratory ailments like cough and liver, intestinal and gall bladder infections. The capability of garlic to relax the stomach and the surrounding muscles is among the various health benefits of garlic and medicinal uses. This enhances the digestion process curbing stomach related ailments such as bloating.

In addition, garlic plays a vital role of lowering cholesterol, blood fats and triglycerides levels in the arteries. As a result, blood pressure and sugar is lowered due to blood circulation improvement and the functions of the heart curbing the development of stroke, heart attacks and diabetes.

Also among the health benefits of garlic and medicinal uses is its ability of preventing the growth of cancerous cells in our bodies. Garlic has the ability of activating sirutins found in our cells since it is an antioxidant. This increases the life span of genes inside the cells enabling individuals to maintain a youthful look even when old.

Furthermore, medical research has proved that garlic is a diuretic. Therefore, among the health benefits of garlic and medicinal uses are that it be used to enhance urine flow effectively. It also successfully treats yeast infections and diseases caused by fungi such as athlete’s foot.

Conversely, garlic can be used to alleviate pain therefore very helpful to patients suffering from arthritis and inflammations. Individuals that constantly suffer from severe back ache can also greatly benefit from the consumption of garlic. More interesting is the ability of garlic to curb sexual impotence. This is treated simply by the consumption of two to three garlic cloves every day.


Natural Remedies for Constipation

Natural Remedies for Constipation

Constipation as most of us know is said to happen when one has less than three bowels per week. To some, constipation is when they have that uncomfortable feeling in the intestines or pass hard stools and they care less about the number of bowel movements. Constipation is not an ailment but an alert something is amiss in your diet or body. Constipation arises as a result of very slow bowel movements, ignoring the urge to pass bowels or when the body absorbs a lot of water from the intestines in case of dehydration.

Other causes of constipation include and are not limited to;

• Colon and rectum conditions e.g. Hirschsprung disease, tumors, colorectal stricture

• Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

• Low fiber diets

• Over use of laxatives

• Some foods e.g. Milk

• Some medications e.g. Antidepressants, iron supplements, diuretics

• Too much fiber in diets

• Specific diseases e.g. Lupus, diabetes, multiple sclerosis

Most nutritionists will tell you to include fiber in your diet but will fail to tell you the recommended intake.  As an adult, you should consume around 20 35g of fiber daily and if you happen to surpass, you require lots of water to steer clear of constipation. One of the effects of eating too much fiber is severe constipation or blockage. If you happen to get blocked, you will be forced into surgery.

The National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NDDIC) says four million and more people in the US get constipation and $725 million is spent buying laxatives every year. That’s almost a billion dollars!

If not enthusiastic contributing to making the laxative industry billionaires, you can easily treat constipation using natural remedies for constipation if it’s not being cause by an ailment or condition. Most constipation cases will be as a result of improper diet and changing your diet will fix it.


Ensure you consume 20 – 35g of fiber every day. You can get it from bran cereals, fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains, a great source of dietary fiber that doubles as a colon cleanse and weight loss aid is the Psyllium husk.


You have been told this since 1st grade. Consume twice the portion of water that you sweat out and urinate very day. Most adults will pass about 1.5 liters every day, after doing the math; you should at least consume 3 liters daily.

Natural Laxatives

• Passion Flower Tea – Steep a tablespoon of Passion flower in two thirds of warm water for 6 – 10 minutes. Consume the tea but limit it to 3 cups daily

• Psyllium Seed – Put 2 tablespoons of the Psyllium into a cup of warm water mix and consume 30 minutes after or before a eating.

• Taking warm water mixed with fresh lemon or lime juice after a meal will also ease digestion.


Constipation tends to occur more in dormant people especially during old age. Although there is no thorough research tying constipation and exercise, it’s always good to exercise your body as this increases the blood flow and keeps you fit.


Herbal treatments for ear infections

Herbal treatments for ear infections

The hardest part of a parent’s life is to sit and watch their child suffer. From scraped knees to broken bones, stuffy noses to ear infections. The most common of these illnesses in young children is an ear infection. These can be caused from medicines given for a cold, allergies to food, or even swollen adenoids. Signs of an ear infection include crying more than normal, tugging on their ears, drainage and trouble sleeping. In most cases, antibiotics are not needed to make your little one feel better. Natural remedies for ear infections are quite commonly used because only the worst infections actually require antibiotics.

The most common natural remedies for ear infections are colloidal silver, tea tree oil, vitamin C and astragalus. Vitamin C is the easiest treatment to offer your little one. Simply doubling the dose of Vitamin C that is already given in their diet will help boost their immune system and allow their body to heal on its own.

Herbal treatments such as colloidal silver, tea tree oil and astragalus are given as drops in their ears. Colloidal silver can be given as a spray or as ear drops. One drop can show improvements in symptoms in just an hour. Tea tree oil can be used by mixing five to ten drops with one or two drops of olive oil. This method will also show fast improvements for the ear infection.

Natural remedies for ear infections can also be used for prevention. Boosting your child’s immune system can prevent recurring ear infections and can be done with simple diet changes. Avoiding processed foods and extra sugar is a good way to start. Encourage fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid any foods that your child could be allergic too (have them tested). Making sure that they have good fats in their diet, such as flaxseed, fish and olive oil is another good method for enhancing their immune system. Some of these diet changes can be subtle and may not even be noticed by growing children.

Whether you are using natural remedies for ear infections as a preventative measure or a remedy, always watch for other signs that could mean a more serious infection has started. High fevers are a good indication that the infection is too serious for home healing, and waiting too long could eventually result in short term or permanent hearing loss, or even other infections in the head or brain. If an ear infection is going to heal on its own, four days should be all that it takes. If it takes longer than that, it’s time to get professional care.


Psychiatric Disorders That Trigger Criminal Behavior

Psychiatric Disorders That Trigger Criminal Behavior

Criminality refers to human behavior patterns or a certain act that violates the law. Such behavior involves the intent to commit serious negligence, and if a person who lacks criminal intent or negligence exhibits this behavior, he is not convicted of the crime. Unfortunately, for many people, this seems unfair, but the aim of the law is to punish only those who possess criminal behavior. This is why understanding criminality and the different psychiatric conditions associated to the behavior is necessary.

Who Must Be Punished?

To punish those without the slightest trace of criminal behavior is simply unjustified. Another factor that affects the grounds of criminality is mental illness. Although not all individuals who commit a crime and use the insanity defense are believed, there are certain situations wherein an individual may not be punished similarly to others who have committed the same crime. This is because he may be truly insane and cannot be held responsible for his behavior. Nevertheless, those with mental illnesses are detained in facilities and not carted off to prison.

How Society Affects Criminality

Every society will have their own standards of behavior, customs and philosophies, which affect their laws and justice systems. As such, while one society may condemn a person as a criminal, another society may not. In a society, courts, governments and police officials have the authorization to apply and enforce laws that assists in prosecuting criminals which complicates matters. Thus, criminality is also based on the rules and acceptable behavioral standards of a society. It must be remembered that criminality is a legal issue that cannot be treated by medical, surgical and psychiatric interventions. However, mental illness will exhibit symptoms that are linked to criminal behavior. While these symptoms are treatable, criminality can only be treated in a limited manner.

Associated Psychiatric Conditions

Plenty of psychiatric conditions are associated with criminality because they can trigger or impair judgment and violate the rules of society. These conditions have been found in many individuals in the criminal justice system. Such conditions include –


Anxiety Disorders



Intoxication of Medication

Withdrawal from Medication

Substance Dependence

Substance Abuse

Delusional Disorder

Mood Disorders – Depression

Impulse Control Disorders

Personality Disorders



Traumatic Brain Injury

Antisocial Personality Disorder


Schizoaffective Disorder

Schizophreniform Disorder

If a person is diagnosed to have such conditions, it is unjustified to claim that he is a criminal. But rather, many individuals exhibiting criminal behavior or have committed acts of violence, have been diagnosed with such conditions. As result, these disorders or conditions have been said to be associated with criminality.

Ill Or Violent?

Despite the assumptions of many that people with mental illnesses are violent; this belief must not be relied on. In fact, only a small percentage of individuals affected with such mental conditions are studied to be responsible for violent crimes. However, this percentage does not include sexual offenders who exhibit high rates of different disorders and other conditions, as they fall into a different group of criminal behavior conditions. In conclusion, people with mental illnesses can be treated even if they already show criminal behavior. People who commit crimes without any mental illnesses cannot be treated and must be held responsible for their actions.


Selecting an Alcohol Treatment Center: Knowing What Program Is Right for You

Selecting an Alcohol Treatment Center: Knowing What Program Is Right for You

There are a variety of treatment styles used to rehabilitate alcoholics, each of which approaches the disease slightly differently. It is important to understand what your options are when looking for a treatment program, and select a style that addresses your specific concerns in a way that is most likely to work for you. Types of alcohol treatment centers include: outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, and support group based rehabilitation. All of these use a traditional 12-step program to help an alcoholic conquer their addiction.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient therapy is typically the first type of alcohol abuse treatment people try. It is appropriate for moderate alcoholics, or those who are recently released from an inpatient center. It allows a person to undergo intensive treatment, without disrupting their work or family life. Outpatient treatment programs require patients to come to the treatment center for therapy about four hours per day, but they get to return home at night, and may not be required to come in at all on the weekends. One of the most significant differences between inpatient and outpatient care is the use of medications. Outpatient rehab does not use sedatives or other medically assisted techniques to help patients break the cycle of addiction.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment centers are ideal for people who have already been through outpatient programs, but failed to rehabilitate. Admittance into an alcohol treatment center allows alcoholics to work through the most difficult steps of the program while checked in to a medical facility. There, the temptation of alcohol is removed, as are many of the social triggers which might encourage a relapse. Inpatient programs typically require an individual to remain in the alcohol rehab center for 21 to 45 days, working toward sobriety with a team of therapists 24/7, until the counselor deems that they are ready to return to everyday life, and become responsible for their own sobriety.

Support Group

The most common support group technique is Alcoholics Anonymous, which pairs recently recovered addicts with a sponsor, who has been sober for many years. The sobriety buddies then help each other move forward with their sobriety, and avoid temptations as a team. Like other treatment programs, support groups ask alcoholics to work through 12 steps of healing in order to undo the damage alcohol did to their lives and fully embrace sobriety. Support group therapy is an important part of a recovering addict’s routine, and should be continued long after an inpatient or outpatient treatment program ends. It is especially important for those who do not get support for their sobriety from their friends and family.

Selecting an Alcohol Rehab Program

When selecting an alcohol rehab program, take time to read reviews and talk to people who have been to centers in your area. Talk to the local AA group, and see what a leader or your sponsor would recommend. Select a program that will work for you personally, and will give your family the support it needs. In the end, the rehabilitation center you choose should be prepared to support you over a lifetime of sobriety.


When to Seek Medical Attention for Hearing Loss

When to Seek Medical Attention for Hearing Loss

There are thousands of people worldwide that do not seek medical attention when faced with hearing loss; no matter how bad the symptoms get. The majority of times, the loss of sound can be easily repaired with antibiotics, medicines and other treatments. However, some instances of deafness can only be remedied by the employment of a hearing aid. Hearing aids work extremely well and are really effective for the majority of people with significant hearing difficulties.

You may not feel that your hearing loss warrants a visit to the doctors, but if you are suffering with constant ringing in the ear, vertigo, a fever or severe pain, it’s time to make a doctor appointment. Other times you should consider stopping in and having your ears checked is if your hearing loss is sudden and lasts for a long time.

Most people that have gradual hearing loss know what the cause is, this could be a hereditary problem or even due to older age, you should still seek medical attention when it gets too bad as you can be offered solutions to help you hear again and enjoy the sounds that everyone else is hearing.

Don’t feel embarrassed by going to the doctor for hearing loss, this problem affects more people than you may think and if they all visited the doctor and had the necessary tests they could be enjoying sounds again, but rather they suffer with the loss, often leaving them depressed and frustrated.


Expect to go through a range of tests whether your hearing loss came on quickly or has been gradually getting worse. The doctor will check both ears individually and determine how much sound you can hear from each ear.

In some cases you may be referred for specialist care where you will undergo more tests to check the middle ear, ear drum and other auditory receptors to determine where the problem lies. Don’t worry hearing loss very seldom results in an overnight stay in hospital, you will just have a few tests and be advised of the results.


If your hearing loss is a result of infection you will be given antibiotics and sent home to rest and your hearing will return as the antibiotics fight the infection. In some cases the problem lies with a build-up of wax which can easily be removed in the doctor’s surgery by flushing out the ear.

In extreme cases you will be given a hearing aid, thankfully these come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your age group and immediate needs including the digital hearing aids, which are easy to use and offer excellent sound.


How to Avoid Injury when Playing Sport as a Senior

How to Avoid Injury when Playing Sport as a Senior

Playing sports is fun. It is, in fact, a lot of fun! And seniors do need to stay fit to help slow down their aging process. They should aim to stay as fit as possible for as long as they live. But one thing is certain – getting hurt while playing sports is not fun. Fortunately, the vast majority of sports related injuries can be avoided by seniors if they are cautious enough.

There are many different kinds of sports that seniors play. Though some are really intellectually oriented – like chess – others call for some physical exertion, even if it is minimal. Most elderly people do try to avoid high impact sports. But some seniors just can’t keep away from the good old days and try to make their sports activities as physically intensive as they can. Take the case of the enthused elderly people who love cycling or even mountain biking. And you can’t actually blame someone if he or she just can’t stay away from high impact sports like soccer – at amateur level, of course. If this is the case, using some protective gear can help. Using helmets, protective pads, and some other types of gear can save the day in most cases.

And it is absolutely essential that you warm up before you take part in sports that call for physical exertion. This will help your body take the high impact activities and your muscles will not be strained. For both youth and seniors it is important to cool down after the workout is over. Usually, games and sports are designed to help seniors get into shape. They are not designed to cause injuries. The rules are set in that way. You need to get accustomed to the rules of the game.

And in your senior years, it is best if you steer clear of pushing people. Don’t do it to others and don’t let others do it to you. So it is also important that you thoroughly know the ins and outs of the game – especially the rules that can protect the players. And no matter how enjoyable and challenging the sports are, you are not supposed to keep playing while you are injured. Remember that sports are there to improve your health and you are not supposed to spoil your health for sports – especially not in your senior years.

So what are the things that you need to remember about wearing protective gear? Actually, you need to think outside box here. Do not just think about the traditional protective gear. You can wear some protective gear that others might not consider. You should not care at all about what others will think of you if you are wearing your protective gear. You are supposed to wear it for safeguarding your body in your senior years. It matters little what people think. You can choose any protective gear that helps you keep your body from getting hurt. What gear you will wear will tend to depend a lot on what kind of body shape you have and the type of sports you play.

You can use a helmet, for instance. It can protect the most important part of your body – the head, as you play football, hockey or baseball or even softball. Helmets are life savers when it comes to sports like biking, horse riding or skating! Just ensure that you are wearing right kind of helmet that suits the kind of sport you are taking part in. Pay more attention to utility instead of looks. For example, you are not supposed to wear a baseball batting helmet if you are playing football, unless you fear that a head bump will leave you unconscious. More importantly, the protective gear should fit you well. Otherwise it will turn out to be a liability.

You have to consider the weather as well. It is a very important precaution. For instance, in your senior years, you may be prone to illnesses like pneumonia and the flu. So you should not play polo when it is raining and the weather is chilly. In the same way, do not go skiing when there is a snowstorm or something like that. You might feel the urge to move your muscles and get them worked out, but failing to consider the weather can get you into trouble. Finally, avoid lifting weights in your senior years. Consult fitness experts before you start playing golf if you have back pain.
We love the fact that you are so healthy! Keep it up!